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Dr. Cássio Cardoso Pereira

Ph.D. in Ecology

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2. Pereira, C. C.; Fernandes, G. W.; Cornelissen, T. G. 2024. From leaves to whole plants: effects of shelter-builders on arthropod communities are stronger in dry seasons. In prep.

3. Pereira, C. C. ; Kenedy-Siqueira, W.; Negreiros, D.; et al. 2024. Scientists' warning: climate and biodiversity commitments depend on the integration of agendas. In prep.

4. Spadeto, C.; Negreiros, D.; Nunes, C. A.; et al. 2024. Facilitation and allelopathy mediate phylogenetic and functional diversity under Atlantic Forest trees. Flora, in prep.

5. Pereira, C. C. 2024. Standing on one foot. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, in press.

1. Sperandei, V. F. & Pereira, C. C. 2024. Unusual attack inside the cave. In prep.

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