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Dr. Cássio Cardoso Pereira

Ph.D. in Ecology

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1. Sperandei, V. F. & Pereira, C. C. 2024. Unusual attack inside the cave. In prep.

2. Pereira, C. C.; Fernandes, S.; Kenedy-Siqueira, W.; et al. 2024. Brazil’s Cerrado cannot be a sacrifice zone for the Amazon: financial assistance and stricter laws are needed. In prep.

3. Goulart, F. F.; Fernandes, S.; Fernandes, G. W.; Pereira, C. C. 2024. Eight years after the Fundão tailings dam collapse: chaos on the muddy banks. In prep.

4. Pereira, C. C.; Fernandes, G. W.; Cornelissen, T. G. 2024. From leaves to whole plants: effects of shelter-builders on arthropod communities are stronger in dry seasons. In prep.

5. Spadeto, C.; Negreiros, D.; Pereira, C. C.; et al. 2024. Facilitation and allelopathy mediate phylogenetic and functional diversity under Atlantic Rainforest trees. Flora, in press.

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