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Dr. Cássio Cardoso Pereira

Ph.D. in Ecology

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2. Pereira, C. C. 2023. Standing on one foot. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, in press.

3. Pereira, C. C. ; Kenedy-Siqueira, W.; Negreiros, D.; et al. 2023. Scientists' warning: climate and biodiversity commitments depend on the integration of agendas. In prep.

4.  Andrade, A. G.; Pereira, C. C.; Sperandei, V. F.; et al. 2023. Small area but high diversity: butterfly community on altitudinal gradients in the brazilian atlantic forest. Nature Conservation, in press.

1. Sperandei, V. F. & Pereira, C. C. 2023. Unusual attack inside the cave. In prep.

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